La Forja 8500 - La Reina
Phone: (56-2) 273 10 23
Fax: (56-2) 273 02 33
Santiago - Chile

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a ribbon weaving and dyieng industry, established by germans.
We have been investing in state of the art technology, machinery and equipment, and in maintaining our personnel up to date with the developments.
Our ribbons are of the highest quality.
A large stock of colours and widths of our different ribbons are readily available.
The following ribbons are beening woven in Polyester:
Single and double faced Satin, Taffeta, Grosgrain, Hem ribbon, Satin with Lurex stripes and tartan ribbons.

As an additional service, we offer the production of special ribbons, widths and colours.

We also export our products. But due to airfreight costs, we only can accept orders of 100 Kg. or more.

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5 mm.

7 mm.

10 mm.

12 mm.

16 mm.

25 mm.

30 mm.

40 mm.

50 mm.

60 mm.

75 mm.

85 mm.

90 mm.